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Orientation and Mobility Instructor - Essential Responsibilities:

  • Provide O & M services for children throughout the preschool and elementary education program.  Provide consultation/direct services for infant/family teachers as requested
  • Evaluate all referrals to determine current level of skills and make recommendations regarding type of orientation and mobility service most appropriate for the child
  • Write objectives regarding child’s program to be included in each IEP.  Participate in all IEP and other planning meetings regarding child
  • Teach all aspects of O & M training, including but not limited to:  concept development, low vision skills, orientation skills, alternative mobility devices, and mobility skills to provide maximum independence for each student
  • Serve as liaison with school district, classroom teachers and parents, providing general education in the area of blindness and specifically Orientation and Mobility
  • Maintain necessary case records, reports, and other administrative tasks.  Gather appropriate information from Districts and coordination of schedules with school based personnel


Teacher of the Visually Impaired - Essential Responsibilities:

·         Provide direct instruction within a classroom setting in all areas of development.

·         Provide education and support to the students’ families.

·         Coordinate students’ individual education plan and the school day with other service providers and family.

·         Administer assessments and prepare corresponding report such as FVA, LMA, IEP, developmental checklists, progress notes.

·         Maintain data collection and students’ records.

·         Train, supervise and evaluate para-educators in the classroom.

·         Communicate effectively with coordinator, therapists, families, and students’ home school districts.

·         Maintain supplies and materials for the classroom.

·         Provide specialized instruction as the students’ teacher of the visually impaired.

·         Collaborate with related service providers.


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Cert: COMS

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