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Summary of Position:  To provide orientation and safe independent travel skills at an appropriate level for visually impaired employees.  To orient and train IOB staff to support employee’s orientation and mobility training.

Job Requirements:

·       Valid COMS certification from ACVREP

·       Bachelor’s Degree required; Master’s Degree preferred in Orientation and Mobility

·       Ability to instruct public transportation

·       Working knowledge of orientation and travel skills for the adult population including adapted mobility devices and cane mobility.  

·       Ability to work well with all levels of professional, managerial and office staff

·       Knowledge of Grade One Braille

·       Ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds.





Job Duties:

·       Conduct Indoor/Outdoor evaluations and create concise reports.

·       Provide appropriate individualized instruction to each employee based on their specific needs and abilities.

·       Develop lesson plans and schedules that meet the goals of each employee.

·       Make recommendations for training needed to meet individual goals.

·       Provide blind/low vision sensitivity training to sighed employees and human guide training.

·       Ability to teach techniques to utilize appropriate low vision devices necessary for orientation or travel.

·       Advise employees on the impact of vision changes on safe travel.

·       Create and teach tactile and google maps on phones.

·       Establish open, frequent communication with all related service staff and professionals within the community.

·       Establish and maintain a positive atmosphere with staff to encourage and provide support for employees in mobility training.

·       Requires general knowledge of independent living skills and adaptive technology skills generally available to employees.

·       Maintain accurate and confidential records on all evaluations and instruction provided.

·       Serve as a member of the Safety Committee to ensure safe evacuation training and implementation.

·       Order and facilitate the purchase of canes, mobility accessories and adaptive devices for blind employees.

·       Participate in the interview process of potential new hires.

·       Participate in the onboarding of new hires to provide orientation to the building and human guide & sensitivity training

·       Perform these and other related duties as requested.


EOE AA M/F/Vet/Disability


Phone: 3365443701

Cert: COMS