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We have a job opportunity for an Orientation and Mobility Specialist in the Lansing area.  This is a part-time itinerant position, and the O&M will provide services to students from Early on to 26 years old.  


Services Provided by Orientation & Mobility Therapist:

  • Prepare students with visual impairments to travel independently and safely
  • Preform evaluations that focus on long and short-term needs of the student
  • Prepare meaningful instruction geared to students assessed needs, IEP goals and objectives, functioning level, and motivation level
  • Prepare and use equipment and materials such as tactile maps, models, optical devices, pre-canes, GPS devices, and long canes
  • Provide orientation of new buildings and new class schedules as needed
  • Provide instruction/information on recreational leisure skills, outdoor travel skills, residential, and commercial public transportation

For more information about Orientation and Mobility Specialist jobs with our company, please send your resume to or call Stephanie at 312-940-1544.


Phone: 312-940-1544

Cert: COMS