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Our program is seeking a dedicated and experienced Teacher of the Visually Impaired and/or an Orientation and Mobility Specialist in Kansas to work with a student part-time, with a preferred start date of this summer. Preference is for part-time, given the potential changing needs of the student; however, a full-time position might be possible for the right dual certified and experienced TVI/COMS. At present, this position is near Wichita, Kansas and relocation services are not possible. This is also an in-person position, so please do not apply if desiring remote employment.

The ideal candidate would be dual-certified TVI/COMS and have a passion for working with individuals with visual impairments with complex profiles, providing essential skills to enhance their independence and mobility.

Ideal candidates must have the following:

-3-5 years minimum experience supporting high school students as a TVI + COMS Specialist

-Teaching certification preferred

-Experience with and understanding of giftedness and differentiation for gifted students as well as those with learning differences (ADHD, Language Disorders, Anxiety Disorder, etc) in addition to visual/hearing impairments

-Knowledge of and experience assisting with Nemeth code (from basic math through Algebra II - at minimum)

-Training in and experience assisting with accessible labs/STEM work

-Conscientious, creative, engaging, flexible and professional

-Strong handle on keeping pace with curriculum, comfortable with creating lesson plans, assessments, projects and tests

-Experience working 1-on-1 and small group classes

For the COMS, duties include:

- Conduct assessments to determine the individual needs of clients with visual impairments
- Develop and implement personalized orientation and mobility training programs
- Provide instruction on safe travel techniques, spatial concepts, and the use of mobility aids
- Collaborate with educators, therapists, and families to ensure comprehensive support for clients
- Utilize behavioral therapy techniques to address challenges related to mobility skills
- Incorporate learning technology to enhance training effectiveness
- Maintain accurate records of client progress and adjust programs as needed


- Bachelor's degree in Special Education, Visually Impaired Education, or related field
- Certification as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist and/or TVI (depending on role)
- Experience working with individuals with visual impairments and additional disabilities - Experience working with high school and/or college students is a MUST
- Proficiency in classroom management techniques
- Strong communication skills to interact effectively with clients, families, and team members
- Knowledge of academic advising principles for individuals with disabilities
- Familiarity with proofreading documents related to orientation and mobility training - Have a personal computer with email/MS Office AND a cell phone with access to email

We are also ISO of a transition specialist, with specific experience working with visually impaired high school and/or college students. This could be a role in which the specialist is flown in to work with the student for 1-2 weeks, then work with the student/family remotely with specific goals, and with additional visits as needed.

- Be a United States citizen with proper U.S. government documentation OR have a valid green card with permission to work in the U.S.

Please submit your curriculum vitae, cover letter and a list of three references. Responses without cover letters will not be considered, and compensation is commensurate with experience and credentials.


Phone: 2126633921

Cert: Multiple Certifications

The School for Young Performers is based in NYC; however, we have students throughout the United States and abroad. Teachers are hand-selected to match the needs of each student.