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Independence for the Blind


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·       Bachelor's Degree required; Master's Degree preferred in O&M; ACVREP certification within three (3) months of employment.

·       Knowledge of and ability to teach Braille reading/writing methods and techniques.

·       Demonstrated skills in developing instructional materials and training programs for visually impaired.

·       Ability to assist clients in achieving independence.

·       Demonstrated above average writing skills. 

·       Provide individualized orientation and mobility evaluation and instruction for the blind or visually impaired. 

·       Assist clients to achieve maximum independence through instruction in safe, efficient travel within the home, school, workplace, and community. 

·       Monitor each client's progress to ensure services and training methods are performed in accordance with ACVREP standards and DBS contractual guidelines. 

·       Plan, develop, and coordinate an on-going program evaluation system to determine program effectiveness and make appropriate program improvements. 

·       Close client cases as needed. Review client's plans and available services.


Phone: 850-477-2663

Cert: COMS