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 Hadley, a non-profit organization that helps the blind and vision impaired, is seeking a Vision Rehabilitation Expert. Essential responsibilities include:

 1.      Responsible for the deliberate planning, monitoring, and regulating of programming towards member-driven mastery of adjustment goals.

·      Provides timely positive and accurate support/feedback to Hadley members.

·      Acts as an expert companion and guide throughout the member’s adjustment process. This includes providing the member with proactive attention and numerous opportunities for real-time interaction by telephone, email, or video conference.

·      Produces and moderates weekly/bi-weekly discussion groups that create member communities that promote knowledge co-construction.

·      Facilitates the member’s journey by providing guidance related to additional Hadley program options and member-centered community opportunities.

·      Provides members with relevant information and referral options inclusive of external federal, state and local community resources.

2.      Maintains up-to-date, accurate records and submits all needed reports in a timely manner to contribute to the accuracy of the record-keeping system.

·      effectively uses Salesforce to log all member interactions and requests.

·      maintains member-related logs/notes.

3.      Contributes to workshop development, enrichment, review, and/or revision to maintain high quality and engaging programming content.

·      serves as primary subject matter source, researcher and author for the revision and/or development of new learning objects.

·      continuously monitors programming content for accuracy and relevance.

·      creates and maintains accurate and relevant supplemental resource materials.

·      collaborates interdepartmentally regarding projects that help advance the organization’s goals and initiatives.

·      participates in outreach activities that may include presentations to member groups or community partners.

 Knowledge, Skills & Qualifications

·      Commitment to the vision rehabilitation needs of older adults.

·      Strong organizational skills that reflect the ability to perform and prioritize multiple tasks seamlessly with excellent attention to detail, achieving high performance goals and meeting deadlines in a fast paced environment.

·      Exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with stakeholders including members, other experts, help desk personnel and other staff, and the drive to find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

·      Respectful, collegial, professional and service oriented.

·      Confident public speaker.

·      Highly resourceful and creative team player with the ability to be effective independently.

·      Working proficiency with Salesforce, Trello, Zoom and Microsoft Office applications.

·      Availability to work a flexible schedule to meet member needs and able occasionally to travel to Hadley Central.

Education and Experience

·      Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (CVRT), or other certification/ advanced degree relevant to vision rehabilitation preferred.

·      Braille Proficiency

·      Experience working with older adults who have vision loss.

  Hadley is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity. We are an EEOC employer.



Phone: 18475071984

Cert: CVRT