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Facilitates communication between persons who are blind or have low vision and others; conveys teacher instruction and intent; assists students with daily activities; provides Braille support; participates as a team member to plan, review and share information; serves as a resource to other school personnel requiring assistance with blind and low vision students.

Essential Functions


  • Prepares for daily classroom lectures and activities (e.g. frequently makes independent decisions on how to adapt visual material by translating materials into Braille or large print, create tactile graphics, etc.) for the purpose of providing a clear understanding and interpretation. 


  • Provides support/tutoring to blind or low vision students for the purpose of reinforcing classroom objectives and curriculum content, under the supervision of assigned classroom teacher. Supports Individual Educational Plan (IEP) goals for students in Literary Braille, Nemeth Braille Code, and Braille technology under the supervision of a vision teacher. 


  • Independently provides accommodation of curriculum and classroom materials during class for the purpose of meeting the needs of blind or low vision students, in accordance with the student's IEP, by translating materials into Braille or large print. 


  • Assists blind and low vision students in academic and non-academic activities, individually or in groups (e.g. regular classroom, library, computer lab, cafeteria, recess, sports, p.e., music, art, assemblies, special events, etc.) for the purpose of facilitating communication and accessing curriculum by translating materials into Braille or large print and ensuring a safe and positive learning environment. 


  • Independently supports Orientation and Mobility instructor's IEP goals for safe travel within the buildings, playgrounds, field trips, and vocational training sites. 


  • Independently orders and keeps an inventory of all Braille and large print textbooks and an array of blind and low vision material. 


  • Maintains contact with the certified staff members (including direct service providers) for the purpose of reviewing students' progress toward their objectives for their IEP. 


  • Participates in a variety of functions, as assigned, (e.g. staff/faculty in-service, workshops, IEP's, parent/teacher meetings, etc.) for the purpose of receiving and/or conveying information related to serving the general goals of education of the blind and low vision and the student's goals. 


  • Maintains a current knowledge of the Unified Braille Code and Braille technology. 


  • Responds to inquiries (e.g. parents, teachers, staff, etc.) for the purpose of providing information or referring to appropriate personnel. 


  • Travels between schools as needed.
  • Performs related duties consistent with the scope of the position.



  • Perform algebra and/or geometry; read technical information, compose a variety of documents, and/or facilitate group discussions, and solve practical problems;
  • Concepts of English grammar and punctuation;
  • Blind culture;
  • Educational/tutoring methods;
  • Understanding of classroom content;
  • Interest and commitment toward the welfare of young people;
  • Working knowledge of adaptive technology for blind and low vision users;
  • Knowledge of blind and low vision orientation and mobility skills;


  • Perform single, technical tasks with a potential need to upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions.
  • Reading and translating Braille;
  • Language development;
  • Operating standard office equipment using pertinent software applications;
  • Preparing and maintaining accurate records.
  • Working knowledge of all adaptive technology used by the Vision Department.


  • Schedule activities, meetings, and/or events;
  • Gather, collate, and/or classify data and use basic, job-related equipment;
  • Flexibility is required to  work with others in a wide variety of circumstances;
  • Analyze data utilizing defined but different processes;
  • Operate equipment using defined methods;
  • Work with a significant diversity of individuals and/or groups;
  • Work with data of varied types and/or purposes;
  • Utilize job-related equipment.
  • Problem solving is required to identify issues and create action plans. Problem solving with data frequently requires independent interpretation of guidelines; and problem solving with equipment is limited to moderate; 
  • Communicating with diverse groups;
  • Maintaining confidentiality;
  • Working as part of a team;
  • Willingness to accept and carry out work directions provided by the teacher and/or Principal. 


The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed by people assigned to this position and are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills.  Employees may be required to perform duties outside of their normal responsibilities from time to time, as needed.  District employees are not authorized to make promises of employment for a particular period of time, or promises of a particular level of compensation or benefits to job applicants for certified or classified positions, and that any such agreement must be in writing and signed by the Superintendent.  Any verbal or written statements to that effect by District employees other than the Superintendent are null and void.  Additionally, nothing in this job description restricts management's right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.


Typical Qualifications


High school diploma or equivalent and 1) completion of an associate degree, OR 2) completion of two years of college, not a degree but seventy-two (72) quarter hours or forty-eight(48) semester hours of college credit, OR 3) demonstrated knowledge of reading, writing and math and the ability to assist in instructing these subjects. This demonstration may be either an assessment or portfolio development. 

Demonstrated competency with grade two Washington State UEB Braille Examination within 1 year of being hire is required.

Two (2) years of related experience.

An additional year of qualifying work experience and completion of a Braille or low vision training program may substitute for the educational requirement.


Washington State Braille Certification within one year of hire.
Valid State of Washington Driver’s License or evidence of equivalent mobility.

Successful completion of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped Certification, or Portland State University Braille Literary Usage Examination (BLUE test).

Ten (10) hours of continuing education or successful retesting of the Portland State University Braille Literary Usage Examination (BLUE Test) every five (5) years.

Fingerprint and background check



Seattle Public Schools


2445 3rd Ave South

Seattle, Washington, 98124-1165





Phone: 2062520332

Cert: Any Certification

Candidates have one year from date of hire to complete national or Washington State Braille certification.