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Helen Keller National Center


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Salary Range:$65,000.00 To 71,500.00 Annually


  • Provide instruction in safe and efficient travel skills; specifically, indoor techniques including human guide, self-protection, and cane skills on campus to consumers. Lessons are given both day and evenings 
  • Evaluate progress of students and submits scheduled written reports (assessment, training and transition).
  • Participate in weekly team meetings, community of practice (COP) meetings with O&M colleagues, student employment planning meetings, and full staff meetings.
  • Keep abreast of and evaluate current O&M research, teaching methods and aids.  If appropriate, recommend and implement these methods or aids into student programs and services.
  • Share responsibility for the equipment and general appearance of the work area.
  • Suggest need for appropriate material and equipment.
  • When assigned provide in-service training for staff members and others regarding orientation and mobility training for DeafBlind individuals.
  • Accompany and provide human guide and/or communication support for consumers and professional staff members when assigned.  To accomplish this, it may be required to use personal vehicle on occasion.


  • Bachelor's degree in Blind Rehabilitation with an emphasis in Orientation and Mobility required


An O&M Instructor must be able to perform the following physical demands of this position:

  • Provide human guide assistance via elbow, forearm and/or shoulder to consumers and/or staff.
  • Push wheelchairs on all surfaces (flat, up and down) and maintain control of the chair.
  • Provide tactual ASL to consumers who require it during instruction and when needed. 
  • Remain mobile via foot for up to 1.5 hours during instruction and longer as needed.
  • Be able to ambulate on all types of surfaces (flat, incline, decline, moving (escalators/elevators), and stairs).
  • Be able to drive all HKNC vehicles to/from all destinations required for instruction and transportation runs (airport, community and medical).
  • Be able to secure passengers within HKNC vehicles if/when needed especially wheelchair travelers within the accessible van.   

*No-frills positions are those that receive an additional 10% premium on the hourly rate of pay, but do not participate in the Union Health Insurance Plan. Individuals seeking a No-frills position must show they have alternative insurance to be eligible.


Phone: 5168338301 Ext:268

Cert: COMS