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Helen Keller National Center


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Salary Range:$51,325.00 To 56,457.50 Annually

Essential Duties and/or Responsibilities Include but are not limited to: 

  • Assess, through dialogue with consumer and team, the consumer’s training priorities
  • Actively collaborate with team (including consumer) to design trans-disciplinary training activities, implement individualized program, and evaluate progress through debriefing and dialogue to identify further learning opportunities.    
  • Communicates consumer’s training priorities/ short and long term goals .
  • Work with the team to ensure adaptive technology training supports the vocational goal.
  • Actively participates in Community of Practice (COP) of choice in order to support learning of peers, contribute articles, experiences and challenges.
  • Plans and provides individualized adaptive technology training both in person and virtually when needed.
  • Records progress and submits scheduled written reports and individualized training plans on a timely basis.
  • Recommends appropriate materials and equipment respective of consumer’s strengths and preferences.

 Education and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor degree with 2-3 years or more of experience working with DeafBlind, Deaf and/or blind consumers in Assistive Technology field.
  • Proficiency in braille and/or ASL preferred.  

*Applicants may opt to accept this position as a No-Frills employee. No-frills employees receive an additional 10% premium on the hourly rate of pay, but do not participate in the Union Health Insurance Plan. Individuals seeking a No-frills position must show they have alternative insurance to be eligible.


Phone: 5168338301 Ext:268

Cert: Any Certification