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Center for the Visually Impaired


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Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Develop, implement and carry out an individualized plan of instruction that will enable blind and visually handicapped clients to orient themselves, gain cognitive awareness of the world around them and to be able to travel safely in a variety of environments.
  2. Complete initial, periodic and ongoing evaluations of clients in the area of Orientation and Mobility and recommend modification, extension or closure of training.
  3. Certify the best mode of travel for individuals to utilize in relation to meeting their independent living needs.
  4. Prepare and distribute all required written and oral reports regarding the client’s progress.
  5. Gathers all essential data and other relevant information and submits regular and special reports to the President/CEO and others.
  6. Maintains inventory of O & M equipment and assists clients in ordering necessary equipment.
  7. Speak positively about the center’s activities and classes in the community.
  8. Maintain a high level of understanding about older, legally blind adults and be able to utilize this information in the development of a comprehensive Orientation and Mobility Plan.
  9. Attend all meetings and activities relevant to the conduct of Orientation and Mobility.
  10. Other duties as assigned by the President/CEO.


Phone: 386-253-8879 ext 108

Cert: COMS