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Western Blind Rehabilitation Center


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Major duties include but are not limited to:

1.Assessment and development of personal goal-based training programs for persons with visual impairment who are young adult to elderly Veterans.
2.Implementation of the Living Skills training program to help Veterans achieve their goals.
3.Assesses patient's ability to utilize adaptive equipment such as tactile markings on appliances, liquid level indicators, bump dots, Braille, and talking meat thermometers.
4.Assesses the patient to determine the ability to feel, hear, and smell, to help control environments specific to identified goals.
5.Assesses the patient to determine the money management system that will best meet identified goals.
6.Assesses the patient to determine the recording method that will best meet identified goals.
7.Assesses the patient to determine adaptive kitchen aids that will best meet identified goals.
8.Ability to use, instruct, and appropriately prescribe prosthetic equipment issued to patients within this discipline. The incumbent will need a comprehensive knowledge and ability to instruct patients with a wide variety of assistive technology.
9.Plans and instructs the patient on tactile, large print, and talking devices. Incumbent will need a working knowledge and ability to utilize recording devices, labeling techniques, Braille, and bar code readers.
10.Plans and instructs the patient on the use of appropriate lighting, protective techniques, and other safety tips to optimize the use of adaptive devices in all tasks of daily activities.
11.Plans and instructs the patient on the use of safety techniques and habits, maintenance and cleanliness when utilizing all issued prosthetic devices.
12.Plans and instructs the patient on the use of all aspects of kitchen safety and outdoor grilling to include organization, operation, set-up and cleaning.
13.Must have knowledge of materials and machines needed to fabricate new teaching and training instruments, which may include the design and fabrication of tools and equipment for patients with special needs based on individual disabilities. The incumbent will need a working knowledge of blind rehabilitation methodology and compensatory techniques.
14.Plans and instructs the patient's family member or caregiver, if prescribed, during the Family Training Program, on the use of adaptive aids and techniques to include the purpose and relevance to the patient's functionality and goals established.
15.Performing the duties of Patient Coordinator, when assigned, for the rehabilitation team; coordinating the overall blind rehabilitation experiences for a successful completion, interpreting all VA & WBRC policies and directives to the patient. Incumbent will need to be able to recognize psychological, motivational, emotional, and social correlates of vision loss to the development of the individual and refer to appropriate personnel as needed.
16.The incumbent documents, in accordance with established recording standards and procedures, all services performed on behalf of the patient: on-going progress, issues as they occur, steps towards issue resolution, and current treatment plan. The incumbent will need to have a working knowledge of the types of visual impairments with respect to fields and acuities and their implications for the patient's functioning, contrast sensitivity function, and color perception.
17.The incumbent attends general staff meetings, actively participating in all team meetings and preparing a treatment plan, progress notes and, summaries for inclusion in the final summary as required by the center's policy and procedures.
18.The incumbent assists in the research and evaluation of new devices and techniques for inclusion into the team curriculum and helping to evaluate prosthetic devices relevant to activities of daily living.
19.The incumbent adheres to the WBRC Safety Protocols with respect to proper maintenance of equipment
20.The incumbent performs research task commensurate with skills as well as submit required statistical information and data in accordance with established WBRC statistical reporting procedures. Performing other duties as assigned; these include but are not limited to membership on WBRC committees, process action teams, service programs, research projects, and clinical initiatives.

Work Schedule: Mon-Fri 0730-1600
Telework: Not Available
Virtual: This is not a virtual position.
Relocation/Recruitment Incentives: Not authorized
Permanent Change of Station (PCS): Not Authorized
Financial Disclosure Report: Not required


Phone: 6506149952

Cert: Any Certification