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This position reports to the Principal, School for the Deaf, and is assigned to provide instruction to students from the School for the Deaf. This position is responsible for providing standards-based visual art education, performing art education, yearbook, and other elective course(s) instruction to elementary, middle and high school learners who are Deaf / hard-of-hearing and/or have additional disabilities. The Art Teacher provides for individual experience in the language of visual and performing expression; develops the learner’s feeling of self-worth and confidence; stimulates knowledgeable selection of contemporary materials and cultural products; contributes to the learner’s awareness of other cultures; stimulates the learner to environmental reorganization; encourages satisfaction in the productive use of potential leisure time; and instructs, supports and enhances other teaching disciplines. Utilizes Colorado Academic Standards and other benchmarks in establishing instructional goals; provides appropriate assessments that monitor learner progress, in a safe and civil school environment.


  • Performs work associated with standards-based student art, drama, yearbook, and other electives instruction related to assigned courses. Prepares lesson plans, develops input for and presents daily instructional/learning activities based upon Colorado Academic Standards and school reform tenets under the direction of appropriate administrators. Maintains a positive learning environment utilizing appropriate positive behavior support strategies, keeps learners on task and engaged.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and skill in the areas of visual and performing art education, yearbook. other elective course education, 21st century technology, task analysis, assessment, progress monitoring, behavior management, organization and planning, curriculum development, parent relations and teamwork.
  • Utilizes technology to model, teach, and assist learners relative to instruction and activities.
  • Demonstrates knowledge / skill in the areas of project and technology-based learning.
  • Organizes the instructional environment for collaborative group work.
  • Works in co-teaching teams with others as assigned.
  • Provides resources and support for learners who are interested in pursuing the arts as a vocation.
  • Provides education on an outreach basis, as part of statewide and regional resources services.
  • Works as part of the education / assessment team responsible for identifying, developing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating individual objectives for assigned learners.
  • Understands and supports students’ social-emotional development.
  • Serves as a Case Manager for assigned learners, including development of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).
  • Utilizes appropriate communication skills with a commitment to literacy development in each learner, within the area of visual and performing art education, yearbook, and other elective courses as assigned.
  • Coordinates effectively with other service staff in providing instruction, supporting school reform efforts, strategic planning, and contributing positively to extracurricular activities.
  • Positively serves as a team member in both schools, and the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind (CSDB) as a whole; participates in regular team and departmental meetings, school and instructional meetings as required.
  • Provides parent consultation; participates in selected parent-focused activities, etc.
  • Seeks opportunities for and participates in activities related to professional development and training/workshops as appropriate.
  • Performs other appropriate duties; i.e., participating in community through student art exhibits, visitations and study trips to art museums, performances, local artists, leads the development of the CSDB Yearbook, etc., and other duties as assigned.



Phone: 7195782115

Cert: Any Certification


  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Education or related field; Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education, K-12 desired.
  • Master’s Degree or higher in Deaf Education, or willingness to obtain within three years of hire.
  • Must hold, be eligible for, or willingness to work towards, within three years of hire, appropriate educator licensure in the State of Colorado, endorsed in Visual Arts, K-12 and Special Education Specialist: Deaf/ Hard of Hearing.
  • Experience teaching / working with children in an educational environment; experience teaching / working with children who are Deaf / hard-of-hearing, and/or have additional disabilities desired.
  • Proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL) at the Advanced (3+) skill level, or willingness and ability to obtain the skill level required within a reasonable timeframe, as demonstrated through an appropriate assessment tool and according to school policy / procedure.