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Treatment Plans: Assists with  establishing treatment plans for students and develops therapy activities that ensure attainment of IEP goals.
Consultation: Consults with OT concerning implementation and status of student's therapy goals.  Consults with teaching staff to provide  instruction related to occupational therapy for individual students or small groups.
Therapeutic Procedures: Implements therapeutic procedures for which qualified, as designated by the staff OT ( including conducting individual and group therapy sessions as required.) and maintains appropriate OT records in accordance with school, state, and federal policy.
Evaluation and Assessment:  Participates in evaluation and assessment of functional motor skills related to occupational therapy using standardized measures, formal and informal assessment, checklists as appropriate. Collects data regarding current level of functioning and makes recommendations for goals, objectives, and services in order to contribute information to complete progress reports, write evaluation reports and complete IEP paperwork.. Attends IEP meetings.  
Equipment and Therapy Tools:  Helps ensure the proper and safe use of adaptive and therapy equipment making certain equipment is constructed properly and maintained in good working order.


Phone: 7195782115

Cert: Any Certification

Necessary Special Requirements:

  1. Must possess an occupational therapy assistant certification with DORA.

  2. Must be fluent or willing to attain fluency in American Sign Language (ASL) at the Survival Plus skill level within a reasonable amount of time.