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Rehabilitation Intern Salary: 
$25.66 - $26.08 Hourly
$2,052.46 - $2,086.00 Biweekly
$4,447.00 - $4,519.00 Monthly
$53,364.00 - $54,228.00 Annually 

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) assists people with disabilities to succeed at work and live independently. We believe that anyone with a disability who wants to work, can work, regardless of the type or severity of their disability. We work closely with a variety of partners and stakeholders, including our vendors, employers, state and federal agencies, Workforce Centers and Centers for Independent Living. The Division is innovative, always working to improve its services. DVR uses public funds to provide our services, so it is important that this money be used responsibly according to our policy, and state and federal rules and regulations. 

Effective implementation of the rehabilitation process includes the following activities:  
The primary focus of a Rehabilitation Counselor is to assist persons with disabilities to achieve and maintain successful employment outcomes through the application of the rehabilitation process.  

This work unit exists to assist persons with disabilities including youth who experience barriers to employment or independent living to attain a level of functioning that will enable them to enter, re-enter, or maintain employment and enhance skills necessary for living independently.

This position provides rehabilitation services to all eligible and potentially eligible persons within an assigned referral area.  This involves determination of eligibility, development of Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), and the provision of services such as pre-employment transition services, counseling and guidance, educational/skills training, physical and mental restoration, and job placement assistance that will lead toward the successful rehabilitation of the individual in a suitable employment setting.

Provide rehabilitation services to all eligible persons within an assigned referral area. This involves determination of eligibility, development of Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), and the provision of services such as counseling and guidance, educational skills training, physical and mental restoration, and job placement assistance that will lead toward the successful rehabilitation of the individual in a suitable employment setting.
Schedules and completes intake process, obtains client's medical, social and vocational history. Analyzes data to determine what further data needs to be collected. Arranges for and schedules general medical examinations, specialty examinations, vocational assessments, psychological testing, etc. Request existing information where available after securing appropriate release of information forms.
Compiles and analyzes gathered data to determine that apparent and suspected disabilities have been identified and evaluated. Follows up on all recommendations made by physicians, converts and translates data gathered into functional limitations and makes determination if applicant's condition constitutes a vocational barrier. Certifies applicant as eligible or ineligible and follows due process insuring client's rights. Makes determination of severe disability and places client in proper category of priority.
Develops certification stating functional limitations; identifies and states specific vocational limitations: develops strategy to determine what services need to be provided to overcome vocational barriers. This is done by using expertise in areas of medical aspects vocational and psychological assessment and knowledge of individual differences to compile an eligibility statement. Eligibility statement requires synthesis and interpretation of all gathered information into a form that assesses client's vocational limitations, assets, interests, and expectations.
Counsels with clients and provides vocational guidance to develop a viable Individualized Plan of Employment (IPE) that will supply appropriate services to overcome the vocational barriers. Uses expertise of what available resources can be used to meet this goal, and provides counseling and guidance in a process that assures that the vocational goal is realistic and suitable. Establishes evaluation criteria for measuring progress toward goal, sets time frames and identifies service providers.
Initiates plan for meeting established vocational goals and intermediate objectives. Locates, arranges for, provides brokers, develops, creates, contracts for, and authorizes services to meet the individual needs of each client. Identifies and assigns fiscal responsibility of all involved, including locating comparable benefits, determining client's ability for financial participation, and enacting any cooperative arrangements with other agencies.
Monitors the provision of services during the life of the IPE to ensure the quality of effectiveness of services toward meeting the vocational goal. Is responsible for the financial accountability of services provided as well as assuring that comparable benefits and resources are developed and used when possible as "first dollar." Ensures that all planned services are provided; that new services are not needed or, if needed, amends the IPE to include newly identified services, and that client is meeting evaluation criteria stated on the IPE.
Provides services such as selective placement, job-seeking skills training, and job placement assistance to clients to meet outcomes of IPE. Utilizes knowledge of the world of work, local labor market trends, etc., to assist client to enter employment and determine that employment is substantial and suitable for individual. Monitors contacts with employers and conducts on-going meetings.
Manages caseload to assure client movement through the vocational rehabilitation process. Maintains integrity of program, fiscal rules, policy and procedures. Follows all areas of due process and keeps documentation current in each case file; manages case service budget to assure funds judicially expended. Involves and notifies clients of all decisions which affect them and provides them with methods to appeal decisions if there is a disagreement. 


Phone: 7208391833

Cert: Any Certification

Bachelor's Degree in Human Services-related field AND two years of experience providing services to individuals with disabilities appropriate to the work assignment.
Minimum Qualifications:
Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Master's Degree in one of the following: Counseling, Rehabilitation Teaching, Education, Orientation and Mobility, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Behavioral Science, Human Services, or closely related human services field.

Condition of Employment:

Must sign an agreement to complete additional educational and work requirements to meet the minimum qualifications of a Rehabilitation Counselor I (Master's degree and work experience) within 5 years of becoming a certified state employee. The State of Colorado will not be responsible for payment of this additional education 

Required Competencies

  • Communication skills with active listening
  • Compassion. Rehabilitation counselors often work with people who are dealing with stressful and difficult situations.
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Patience and flexibility
  • Disability awareness
  • Experience working with people with disabilities

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Professional experience working to assist people with disabilities to achieve successful employment outcomes.
  • Case management experience
  • Experience with developmental disabilities / mental health

Conditions of Employment:

  • Any applicant selected from outside of Colorado will be required to become a Colorado Resident by their start of employment date.
  • You must pass a thorough background check prior to employment which will include the E-Verify process.
  • Must be able to travel routinely to meet with clients and to attend meetings in Colorado Springs areas.
  • All applicants must submit their academic transcripts to with Rehabilitation Intern - Alamosa in the subject line.