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Essential Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations include the following: 

  • Conducting and supporting CVI assessments including assessment steps for students both on and off campus. 

  • Depending on level of CVI experience, your first 3-4 months may be more onboarding and training. 

  • Responsible for attending meetings and preparing and sharing CVI assessment and programming information. Prepare and send reports and consult correspondence.

  • Provide consultation to teams of students with CVI.

  • Assists in implementing consistent and effective project completion related to the Perkins CVI Initiatives, as well as supporting day to day CVI Center  activities on and off campus.

  • Assists in the execution of projects and activities related to the continued engagement of families, low vision clinic staff, ophthalmologist and neurologist and referral agencies who collaborate for diagnosis and service to students with CVI on and off campus. 

  • Assists in the execution of projects and activities related to new initiatives and new collaboration opportunities around CVI. This includes helping with the development and trials of the Perkins CVI Protocol, and the development of the Perkins CVI Repository.

  • Assists in the execution of projects and activities related to the efficiencies in the assessment and implementation of CVI supports in programs, classrooms and residences. 

  • Assists in providing lecture and CVI trainings for parents and staff, as well as presenting at conferences. Traveling to conferences is optional.

  • Provides regular project updates to the CVI team acting as a primary resource for information and initial point of program contact. 

  • Cultivates strong inter- and intra-departmental relationships.

  • Performs other related duties and tasks as assigned. 

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Initial understanding of CVI. Willing to increase their knowledge in CVI through more extensive training. 

  • Comfortable with and capable of talking with parents, Perkins
    staff, school district representatives, outside agencies and others who support the student with CVI. 

  • Ability to work with small groups of staff members on team-based projects.

  • Ability to manage electronic data using databases and spreadsheets.

  • Excellent organizational skills.

  • Ability to work across multiple job levels and organizational boundaries.

  • Flexible, able to adapt to change within a fast paced environment.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

  • Understanding of school systems including educational programs for students, data collection, and organization structure and function.

  • Enthusiasm for CVI and support of Perkins’ educational programs and services, the school’s philosophy and culture.

  • Strong interpersonal skills, energy, and initiative.

  • Understanding of the sensitivity of information and the ability to handle confidential information. 

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Preference given to candidates with State Certification as a Massachusetts Teacher in Vision Impairment or commitment to acquire such certification within two academic years

  • 5 year experience in the field is preferred

  • Experience working with students with ocular and cortical/cerebral visual impairments and additional disabilities


Phone: 6179727472

Cert: Any Certification

Please apply through the following link: