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·         Appropriately assess students for Orientation and Mobility Services to establish needs, set goals and measure progress

·         Provide instruction in the development and maintenance of skills to meet the learner's unique needs from Birth to 21

·         Schedule time efficiently for assessment, instruction, planning, preparation of materials, travel and conference with relevant school and other key individuals

·         Assist students to understand the impact of vision and to make safe travel decisions.

·         Develop student’s sensory, conceptual, motor, and formal orientation and mobility skills

·         Evaluate student’s progress and submit written evaluation reports

·         Identify and recommend specific sensory aids/devices

·         Maintain daily log

·         Write IEP goals and attend CSE meetings

·         Establish and maintain effective relationships with colleagues, district personnel, students, and parents

·         Express oneself effectively, both orally and in writing

·         Perform related duties as required


Phone: 516-396-2284

Cert: COMS


·         Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college/university

·         Orientation and Mobility Specialist Certification

·         Working knowledge of orientation and travel skills from preschool through high school in the school and community settings

·         Knowledge of relevant technology