Jay H. Stiteley Memorial Scholarship Fund

Exam Registration Fee Assistance Program

ACVREP has made available $2,000.00 per year in memory of the late Jay H. Stiteley, former Chair of ACVREP, to assist income eligible applicants with payment of their Certification Examination Fees. The fee assistance program will be applied on a first come first served basis until the allocated program amount  of $2,000.00 each year is exhausted.  New allocations of $2,000.00 will occurr on January 1st of each year.

Income eligibility will be determined based upon the applicable and effective income-eligibility standards of the Legal Services Corporation as set forth in Appendix A to 45 C.F.R. Part 1611. Eligible candidates whose income falls at or below 125% of the most recent federal poverty guidelines established by the Department of Health and Human Services qualify for up to 100% reduction in the Certification Examination Fee based on the fund balance at the time of application. Candidates whose income falls between 126% and 200% of the most recent U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines qualify for a partial reduction in the Certification Examination Fee up to 50% of the fee based on fund balance at the time of the application.

In order to apply for the fee assistance program you must submit an email to the Certificate Services Specialist at css@acvrep.org requesting that a scholarship be awarded to you and you must attach the documentation verifying your income qualifications that may be in the form a copy of your most recent federal tax return or statement of income received by the Social Security Administration if you are a recipient of social security disability income as proof of income eligibility. For Canadian residents, provide your Canadian equivalent of the U.S. documentation.  These documents will not be retained by ACVREP and ACVREP will retain no personally-identifying information provided on such documentation. All documentation provided by the candidate for the review of income eligibility will be destroyed by ACVREP in a secure manner.

Because scholarships are awarded on a first come first served basis, you must receive written confirmation from ACVREP that a full or partial scholarship has been awarded to you.  Once you have received confirmation that a full or partial scholarship has been awarded you may submit your Exam Registration form online using as payment the voucher for the scholarship funds that will be placed in your account once you are approved for the scholarship.

For any questions email css@acvrep.org