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CE Program/Activity
 6th Australasian Orientation and Mobility Conference (AOMC6)
 Orientation & Mobility Assoc Australasia
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 Melbourne, Australia, AB - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
 April 6, 2018 - April 7, 2018
CE Hours
 11.5 hours
Contact Information
 Jeremy Hill, Conference Convener 61413 753 255 or 612 6691 8500Jenny Croaker, OMAA Secretary 61466 289 337
Registration Information
 Fees range from:$70 AUD to $110 AUD to attend one day of the conference$150 AUD to $220 AUD to attend the full conference
Description of CE Program/Activity
 Combination of short presentations, forums and interactive workshops at a 2 day conference.Keynote speaker (via video link): Christine Roman-Lantzy, Cortical Vision ImpairmentOther presentations include: CVI and O&M; CVI and Spatial Neglect; Maps and Models - what can we learn from the child?; Accessible 3D printed maps; Yellow (coloured) long cane; An innovative exercise-based falls prevention program for adults aged 50+ with vision impairment; Traveleyes and O&M; Defining O&M Practice;Innovative technologyto support, motivate andengage clients, in particular children, with their O&M; What do you expect?; The role of Dog Guide Handlers Australia (DGHA) in providing peer support, information and advocacy; Profiling Guide Dog Clients with new measures of functional vision (VROOM) and O&M (OMO); Better Start Private practice and NDIS; NDIS Q&A session; Setting Up for Success: The Challenges and Dilemmas of Environmental Modifications in Playgrounds; Tweaking the O&M Environmental Complexity Scale; Guide Dog Competency:Outcome standards relating to the guide dog and handler; history of O&M in Australia; and Moving from a Specialist to a Collaborative model of Developmental Orientation and Mobilityfor School Age Learners in New Zealand.