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Essential duties/Responsibilities: 

  • Complete comprehensive assessments and develop reports that include the needs and strengths of the client
  • Develop and implement individualized training plans to include effective and meaningful instruction in the areas of VRT and O&M 
  • Provide instruction in the areas of VRT (including but not limited to communication skills, meal planning and preparation skills, and organizational skills) and in the areas of O&M (including but not limited to motor, sensory, and cognitive development, indoor/outdoor instruction, long cane use, and public transportation training) in clients’ home, work, and community environments as appropriate
  • Document clients’ progress through standardized reports
  • Provide consultation and resources to clients and family/friends and act as a liaison with outside organizations, CBVH staff, etc. as appropriate
  • Case management and preparation of all client reports including scheduling and coordinating all client instruction 


Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university with specialization in Orientation & Mobility and Vision Rehabilitation Therapy or Bachelor’s degree and successful competition of CBVH approved program. ACVREP dual certification preferred.


Phone: (516) 833-8301 Ext:268

Cert: Multiple Certifications

You do not have to have the certification.