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Lincoln Park Public Schools

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Job Location: City & State

1650 Champaign, Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Contact Telephone

(313) 389-0200

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 Contact Address

1650 Champaign, Lincoln Park, MI 48146


 According to LPA Salary Schedule


• Michigan Special Education Teacher Certification (SK)

• Must have or be eligible for Teacher Consultant Approval

• Demonstrate consistency and organizational skills crucial to visually impaired students.

• Must meet N.C.L.B. highly qualified requirements for assignment

• Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board of Education and/or Superintendent may find appropriate and acceptable

Job Description

• Demonstrate knowledge of assessment techniques

• Knowledge and skills to implement local curriculum

• Demonstrate classroom management skills

• Demonstrate research based instructional techniques

• Knowledge and skills to implement the Common Core

• Knowledge and skills in technology

• Ability to complete records in a timely manner

• Possess skills to communicate to all members of the school & community

• Be able to meet the physical and mental demands of the teaching profession and the position

• Philosophy in accord with Lincoln Park Public Schools

• Able to work cooperatively

• Ability to follow requirements of supervisors

• Classroom instruction and record keeping

• Other duties as assigned

RESPONSIBLE TO: Director of Special Education


Phone: (313) 389-0200

Cert: Any Certification